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Curriculum Intent Statement:

Our curriculum in Science springs from our ethos statement, Excellence for All. We aim to establish the very best scientists. For those not proceeding with a scientific career beyond GCSE, we intend to give them the best education to be able to understand the world around them and engage with the Science around us. An example would be for our students to be able to understand the Science involved in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The rationale behind our curriculum design is the choice of the order we teach topics which provides students with the opportunity to practice their skills alongside the knowledge they are gaining. Many topics, e.g. The Particle Theory, Separation of Mixtures, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, the Reactivity of Metals and Acids, Energy, Forces, Electricity, Cells, Body Systems, Plants and Ecosystems, are taught on a spiralled curriculum throughout the Key Stages to make learning stick and to develop deeper knowledge on the foundations taught lower down the school. Other topics have been identified as being the ones in which questions are not successfully answered in end of year examinations, e.g. Electrolysis and Mole Calculations, Monoclonal Antibodies, Natural Selection, Energy Transfer and Ohm’s Law are expected to be highlighted during retrieval practice to make key knowledge stick.

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