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Curriculum Intent Statement:

Every student should leave Thorpe as a ‘functional’ musician, this means:
They have had the opportunity to learn to play a variety of musical instruments, part of this should include the explicit opportunity to practice the personal skills required to be successful i.e. determination, tenacity etc
They will have had the opportunity to listen to, appraise and be open minded about music from a variety of musical cultures

They will be able to discuss the music they have listened to and be able to express their views using a broad vocabulary of technically accurate language

They will have used a variety of means to compose music they are proud of from a broad range of cultural backgrounds
They will have used technology to create music that is original and engaging

They will have had the opportunity to be involved in the wider musical life of the school

They will access to a qualification pathway that allows them to study the aspects of music that most appeals to them

The qualifications they receive will prepare them thoroughly for the next step of their journey i.e into industry or further education.

They will have had the opportunity to work as part of an ensemble and practice the core social skills needed to be a successful musician i.e. diplomacy, negotiation etc

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