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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Will I be with my friends?

We will talk to your current teachers as to who works well together.  You will be allocated to one of six Houses and you will know other people in that House.  You will also make new friends very quickly and this starts to happen when you visit us during the Summer term.  (You will be in the same House as any older brothers or sisters and, if you want, even be in the same Form).

The Teachers

Your teachers will expect you to come to school ready and prepared for work. They will give reward points to those who show a good attitude to work and they will take action against any students whose behaviour stops others from learning (including contacting parents).

Will I get lost in a big school?

Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form is a big school but it doesn’t take much time at all before you know your way around.  All the students and adults within the school are very friendly and they will soon help you out (and no, you won’t get into any trouble for being late in the first few days).  So, Theo, Ruby, Matthew and Summer you will be given a printed timetable and map.  ‘Buddies’ will also show you around the school on the first day.

Will there be homework?

The answer to this is ‘Yes’.  In Year 7, the homework will be spread over a number of weeks, so you can work at it a bit at a time.  All the homework can be found on the school website so you can check it and get support from home.  (However, this doesn’t mean that your parents or anyone else can do it for you!)

Why are there two sites – North and South?

Originally this school was two schools which have now joined.  Subjects are based on different sites, for example Mathematics is on the South Site and English is on the North Site.  This is the only difference, so when you are put into a form group it does not matter if this is North or South Site based.  You will also have five minutes between each lesson to get to your next class.

Will I get detention?

Well, I hope not.  You will have nothing to worry about if your behaviour is good and you make a real effort with your work.  However, you can expect to get a detention if you behave in a poor manner and are stopping others from learning.

Will there be lots of tests?

There will not be lots of big tests in Year 7 although we will give you a short test at the start of the academic year.  Your work is assessed as you go through the year.  Sometimes your teacher will mark it and sometimes either you or someone in your class will check your work.  The aim will always be to help you improve and learn from what you have done.

What are the times of the school day?

You will need to be up early each day as we start at 8.20 am.  You will have two lessons lasting one hour each and then a break time which lasts for 20 minutes.  After break time, there are two more lessons which again last one hour each.  Lunch time is at 12.55 pm. to 1.30 pm.  After lunch, you will spend 20 minutes in your forms followed by the last lesson of the day which ends at 3.05 pm.  However, the day doesn’t have to end there……

Will there be clubs I can join?

‘Yes’, there are lots of Clubs here at Thorpe St Andrew School including Music, Orchestra, Choir, Drama, Science and of course many sports including Dance and Athletics Clubs.

Are there lots of sports teams?

Yes, there are many opportunities for you to join in with sports outside of lessons (and you may get to use our brilliant All Weather Sports Pitch).  You can represent your House and hopefully go on to represent the school.

Will the older students tease us or even bully us?

This is the fear that all new Year 7 students have and that is because in every school there are rumours and silly untrue stories.

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