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Curriculum Intent Statement:

Across all key stages, we strive to offer a broad, varied and stimulating Curriculum for our students. We promote challenge and cultural enrichment by teaching diverse and challenging texts, incorporating a wide-range of voices, identities and perspectives.

Our Curriculum is ambitious as it offers students repeated opportunities to engage with a varied collection of fiction and non-fiction material to support our students in formulating their own opinions and identity within the modern world. This includes poetry across time and a variety of non-fiction reading material. We strive to encourage pleasure and enjoyment from the written word, and our Curriculum grants access to a world of reading, including a rich heritage of literary tradition.

As a department, we encourage opinion-forming and model high-quality talk in our lessons. We explore historical social attitudes and encourage students to challenge them with a modern-day perception. We develop literary skills by teaching and modelling reading for understanding. Student progress is supported through the integration of explicit vocabulary teaching into our lessons via strategies such as dual coding and identifying word etymologies.
Ultimately, we aim to equip our students with the ability to understand and be understood, communicating effectively and clearly in a range of different contexts and for a variety of purposes.

Thorpe High School and Sixth Form is part of the Yare Education Trust which is a charitable company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales at Trust Central Office.
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