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Art and Design

Curriculum Intent Statement:

Art and its many disciplines promote visual literacy. Visual literacy enables us to comprehend and communicate in the image saturated world around us.

The UNESCO Universal Declaration of Human Rights states ‘Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.’

Art is the expression of human creativity and can be emotionally, intellectually and politically challenging. Design links creativity and innovation, shaping ideas to become practical and attractive creative outcomes for users and clients. Art and design is therefore uniquely placed to equip students with the skills needed to participate and contribute in a visually literate society.

Everything around us is created and designed; from the chair you are sitting on, the interiors and buildings surrounding you, the clothes you are wearing, the apps on your phone and the film you watch tonight. Art and Design leads to a vast variety of career options within the creative, cultural, heritage and digital industries. Art develops lifelong transferable skills that are applicable everywhere, from home and leisure to work. Government figures show the country’s creative industries contributed £111.7 billion to the UK in 2018, equivalent to £306 million every day. This figure is growing as we prepare students for creative jobs which are yet to be invented.

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